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The movie called Stance was filmed with a longing to combine forces with the best brands and riders in the industry, their goal was not only to produce the most ground-breaking female snowboarding movie but to twitch a larger inventiveness to drive snowboarding’s original and push cinematic boundaries.

In Stance the creators had J Mills who was simply the avenue for media artist and professional athletes alike, it was a way allowing them to express themselves, it’s here they feel they could grow into full potential and cover new ground. Stance, the movie became the platform in which shredders, core and recreational alike, are excited to be part off. The movies original logo was that everyone knows their own stance, and was now invited to take a look at the stance their film took, shaped around those who participated in it.

While Stance the movie was all about female snowboarding, fitness, ability, health and women succeeding we also take a look at other movies that took a different approach, what their stance was and how they carried it across to the public, did the producers succeed in carrying across a specific stance, whether it was political, musical, media, religion, science and some interesting taboo topics such as casinos and online gambling.

Thank You for Smoking was a film taking a stance which targets pro-smoking and tobacco campaigning, although the movie is of comedy nature it does bring home the danger of smoking and the influence the spokesman’s actions have on his young son.

Zero Dark Thirsty enthralled Americans and critics felt it blamed the CIA’s methods used leading up to the discovery of Bin Laden. Many felt it slated torture used and once it was released it changed CIA procedure.

I Origins is a smart movie questioning evolution, debuted at the Sundance Film Fest and tackle a difficult concept that the eye is more than a unique fingerprint, the movie touches the connection between science and faith. The subject I ripe for discussion but not often undertook in Hollywood.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a film that leaves movie goers in two minds. Would you remove memories and people if you could, what else you would loose and is it worth it?

Everest is a nerve-wrecking movie about the 1996 adventure seekers and their dangerous hike, the film might discourage thoughts of climbing the mountain yourself with harsh recreations of the notorious tragedy.

Orthodox Stance is a documentary film focussed on the battle of a deeply Orthodox Jewish boxer in which promoters and fans bend backward to accommodate the fighters religion. Some describe it as a hypocritical innovation of a godly man making a living from beating the crap out of strangers.

The Walk brilliantly captures Frenchmen Petit as he walks between the Twin Towers in all dizzying glory and the masterfully filmed movie is a heart stopping film not many can watch. It evokes a vertigo feeling and Petit is said to have achieved a superhuman stunt, the movie should come with a label movie goers feels and ambulance men as many feel dizzy and lightheaded with its astounding real feel.

Finally, a look into the Stance movie filming is discussed with the two guys who has a passion for filmmaking and we get their view on female snowboarding and great insights on the big names in female snowboarding.