Scary Terrifying and all True

The Walk

The Walk is so scary that is has been reported as making men flee and then the terrifying part of this film is that it is all true. The movie called The Walk brilliantly depicts the stunt, described as heart-stopping, pulled by Phillipe Petit. He is the Frenchman who walked on a wire in August 1974, between the Twin Towers.

This crossing revealed at the climax of the film in all its dizzying glory as Petit walks the 1,350-foot tall towers, in wowing of the crowds below, eight times. Viewers calls the tight rope finale of this movie unwatchable. Guy Walters of the Daily Mail described his view of the movie as heart racing, he said he felt breathless and his own light-headedness was threatening to overwhelm him. He was convinced that he was about to faint and had to shut his eyes to block out some of the most terrifying scenes in the IMAX theatre.

The Walk is inspired by the true story of Phillip Petit and it is a realistic depiction of a 45 minute walk, an illegal stunt depicted by a swooping camera which brings the Manhattan pavements in view, as they are horribly far below, it might be a movie to be avoided by all who have acrophobia or fear of heights.

Phillip Petit

Twitter report of men vomiting, other reporting that the film was completely unwatchable and that it was the visuals triggering the scariest scenes for vertigo sufferers. Robert Zemeckis, the film’s producer, was delighted and reported it was his goal to evoke the vertigo feeling, he said they worked really hard to get the audience up on the wire between the towers.

It was a staggering achievement for Petit, 24 and the film completely succeed in being the most realistic depiction of the illegal stunt. Should the film come with a health warning and have members of the St Johns ambulance standing by in the foyer?

Petit, who was 24 at the time of the walk, said he planned it since he was 17. He had seen a picture of the Twin Towers in a magazine while waiting in the dentist reception and held a firm believe that he could achieve it, although many felt it would be impossible. Petit had a single-minded determination, he sees himself as a rebel poet and was expelled from five school, his father a pilot was strict and thrown him out of home.

In June 1971 he walked a suspended wire between the towers of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris and in January 1974 he first set eyes on the Twin Towers. He claims the minute he got out of the subway and laid eyes on the towers he knew it could be accomplished. It took an entire night to get the wire into place. It was 6am when Petit was ready to step into the void wearing no safety, all he had was an eight metre pole.

Police allowed Petit to complete his walk after threatening to use a helicopter to get him off the wire, and when he completed his walk 110 stories above Manhattan and stepped back onto the south tower he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and trespass. Petit not only talked the talk, he achieved something superhuman and surely walked the walk.