Stance Movie

Stance Movie

Stance Movie was not a single movie but rather several focussing around female athletes who reached new groundbreaking goals in snowboarding. It includes the follow of professional athletes, Olympics and other events covering the action of snowboarders.

Stance is focussed on fan love, ladies updates and events on snow events. To randomly list some of the cool events would include NPR that picked up Torah’s halfpipe win. Self magazine had a write up about Stance, a movie for fitness fans, the magazine described it as a visually stunning snowboarding movie that features the sports to female riders. This included Gretchen Bleiler in the winter Olympics.

The movie was one of 33 featured films that made the final cut in the film festival in Sundance. This active sports film was nominated for best soundtrack and cinematography. The film was also welcome in XDANCE and nominated for its soundtrack, best cinematography and tons of shredders came to support the cause.

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As the platform for best riders and brands the Stance movies also focussed on Torah Bright that resides in Salt Lake a snowboarder who was filmed in Park City. Apart from focussing on rockstar female snowboarding, the movie site also shows their preference or specific gear from Salomon and Billabong. New movies continued to be added and could be downloaded to see the pros in action.

If the original focus or goal was to create awareness for top female snowboarders, it definitely did just that and started a series of events in which more and more fans could now keep track of new events and the progress of their favorites. The original Stance movie was 31:56 minutes long based on snowboarding, in particular, women’s snowboarding. Sponsors included Oakley and Roxy plus several more and the Stance movie was released in January 2009.

It was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival, was aired on Vimeo for people who are passionate about sharing videos and appeared on the female snowboard channel. ESPN action sports got wind that a couple of dudes in SLC were filing an all-female film, got the scoop and placed article regarding the movie.

Billabong hosted a snow movie premiere at the Village in Mammoth Mountain and Jeremy Miller spent a year working on the all-women’s film project.

Jeremy Miller

The HD project, Stance, was set for release in 2009, established to re-examine women’s snowboarding from all angles. The movie focus was the combining of the most innovative and progressive female snowboarders, also including Gretchen Bleiler, Olympic medalist, Lisa Filzmoser the X-Games Gold medalist, Jamie Anderson, Stance Movie was already placed as the one film one and all wanted in on.

Stance changed the global view on female snowboarding, gave it the exposure it deserved and introduced gold medalist who has excelled at the sport. Snowboarding’s more series side was filmed, it showed the skill involved and apart from increasing the fan base for female riders it also attracted more males and females to snowboarding.

It impacts far surpassed the film and credit have to be given to the originators, the film crew and off course, the Olympic medalists who all had the same goal and that was to give the world a glance of a fantastic sport its top performers and most of all the art of snowboarding.