The Making of the Stance Film

Stance Movie

Starting off with asking the two guys why they decided to make the movie Stance, Stan Even said it was Erin Comstock to asked them to help and Jeremy Miller explained his passion is filmmaking, regardless of content or gender, but he does love snowboarding and thought what better way to make a living, but doing what you most enjoy.

Apart of making the Stance movie Stan worked with Absinthe for quite a few years and loved the good vibes and crew. He was shooting lots of motorcycle commercials. Jeremy worked for Misschief Films, BMW doing commercials, and Intermountain Electronics.

Tina Basich

Stan thought for men’s movies portraying snowboarding the market could be oversaturated but an all-female cast would be perfect. Jeremy felt that just as snowboarding has gained its popularity so has filmmaking and the HD advancements in cameras and non-linear editing it was never as easy. The truth is the matter is all hype and probably good for the sport. But it definitely makes it harder to make snowboarding movies the both agreed, where there are 300 snow titles a year.

Snowboarding is a male-driven sport and Stan felt you got to really learn about the industry to be truly effective and off course the female riders have less competition on professional levels, plus most of the female riders are new to the filming scene.

But would the world ever see a female rider with the kind of influence of Shaun White or Travis Rice, the guys think it already has with big names such as Tina Basich and Tara Dakides to name just some. Plus Gretchen and Jamie Anderson are definitely closing in. Both these girls are riding so impressively that they have companies such as Oakley and Billabong sponsoring them and believing strongly in them. Taka Dakides featured in her own movie before and Gretchen has previously been featured in an X-Games commercial.

Tara Dakides

Focusing on big names in snowboarding, both Dakides and Basich are undeniably on their way to this arena. The women’s segment is claimed to be the fastest growing demographic in snowboarding and new highs are now opened by magazines and snowboarding videos. Stan and Travis got great exposure for producing the movie.

When they were shooting Laura Hadar on the long ledge they got really along well with her and also the Salt Lake snowboarding scene was pretty intense and unique. It was a filming with eight guys tripping over each other to get the best shot. Jeremy said every trick was done and with lots of little gems everywhere it is about timing them that becomes the difficult part.

Building the best jumps was probably Rice as everything he builds takes longer with up to four days to shovel and over a hundred feet, you have to love a front seat at the Rice show. Gretchen is the one the guys feel is one of the most humble human beings and also the busiest women, she flies in kill it and immediately takes off to another contest. She is a natural and almost weird to watch with such progress so quickly. Fasani always have a smile on her face and gives great shots.